Ekphrastic Tanka 7: Funeral of a Buddha

Offrande de cent mille lampes sur le stoûpa de Bodhnath après la mort de Dilgo Khyentsé Rinpotché Photo by Matthieu Ricard

the world is awake

the whole world awakening

this world waking dream

how many kalpas to come?

secrets revealed in the lights

tanka #7 May 2 2022

I spent weeks in Boudnath at the feet of the great master Dilgo Khentse, whose western students nick-named him “Mr. Universe” because of his imperturbably spacious manner. I believe he spent twenty years in yogic retreat when a young man. The photographer Matthieu Ricard is the son of a leading French intellectual and they have tustled over their contrasting philosophical views together on French television many a time. He is as accomplished a photographer as he is a monastic yogic practitioner. I never once saw Dilgo Khyentse without Matthieu at his side; they were inseparable for many years…

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